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Our Story

   30 Years of Fine Fragrances   

For over 28 years, The Fragrance Shop New York has provided Manhattan, East Village, a wide range of hard to find, quality bath and body products, fragrance oils and essential oils. We specialize in creating and custom blending unique scents that are unlike any out there in the commercial fragrance market.  When you step inside our shop, our staff will assist you in creating your own one of a kind scent. Your scent is made with you and ONLY  for you. We keep your recipe on file, so the next time you can have it remade into your choice of perfume oil, spray, lotion, bath/massage oil and bath salts! Not yet ready for a custom scent? We have a range of over 200 fragrances that are splendid just on their own. This website lists a few that we have, though we also have plenty more in stock. Feel free to browse this website and if you need assistance or can't find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to visit or call us. We have a passion for helping our customers find scents that make them swoon.

In addition, we have a wide selection of top quality aromatherapy essential oils sourced from all over the world, which can be handled in a variety of ways. They can be used in an aromatherapy oil diffuser or blended into a bath gel, lotion, or massage oil base.  Our shop also carries carefully curated items from local and international quality brands that contribute to our mission of improving your well-being and aromatic environment. 

We offer the luxury of pampering yourself through our products and encourage you to treat yourself and those you care about with love, peace, and fragrant vibes.

To order any of our products, online, we also accept phone orders and faxes. Please visit us or call if you have any questions.


Warm regards,
Fragrance Shop New York

Meet the Owner

Interview with the owner about her personal story and how she came to fall in love with fragrances and her passion for helping people follow their nose to find their signature scent.

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